NCAO 10th Annual Food Drive - Press Release

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Auction Items

Auction Items


S.No. Name of The Supporters Value Description of Auction item
Stage Auction
1 Gift Basket #1     $75
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Vintage Wine Chosen by Legislative Speaker of Ontario and Signed by Yasir Naqvi value $25, Travel Blanket from CAA value $25, & Kelsey’s Restaurant Gift Voucher Value $25
Wine from Yasir Naqvi, MPP
Kelsey's Restaurant
2 Gift Basket #2     $100
KEG Manor Gift Voucher from The Keg Manor  value $50,  Vintage Wine Chosen by Legislative Speaker of Ontario and Signed by Yasir Naqvi value $25,  and Travel Blanket from CAA $25 
Wine from Yasir Naqvi, MPP
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
3 Gift Envelop #3
Paul's Boat Lines Ltd                                             Family Pass (2 adult & 2 Children) for Ottawa/ridue river Cruise from Paul's Boat Lines Ltd $60 and 2 Lunch coupon from Rideau Carleton Raceway value $30 
Rideau Carleton Raceway
Approx value $90
4 Gift Basket #4 One pound of coffee beans, 1 tumbler travel mug, one sachet of Mocha flavored coffee, and a small box of classic mints from Starbucks Coffee total Value of $50 plus gift coupon worth of $25 from Malone’s Grill located at Dow’s Lake. 
Starbuck Coffee
Malone's Grill, Dow's Lake
Approx value $75
5 Gift Basket #5
East India Company   Gift coupon from East India Company value $50 & a bottle of Vintage wine 2008 #99 Wayne Gretzky VQA merlot worth $20
Approx value $70
Auction Over the Counter
6 Lady Dive $70 $35*2 passes for City tour and Ottawa river tour
7 Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) $25 Travel Blanket 
8 Bridgehead Coffee $50 Gift Basket incudes roasted Coffee beans, cup ect
9 Canadian Museum of Civilization/War $50 2 ticket for Museum of Civilization & 2 ticket for Canadian War Museum
10 Canadian Museum of Civilization/War $25 1 ticket for Museum of Civilization & 1 ticket for Canadian War Museum
11 Kelsey's Restaurant $25 Gift Voucher
12 Midas $50 Gift voucher
13 Cineplex Odeon $25 2 movie ticket and popcorn
14 Chances R Restaurent $25 Gift Voucher
15 Guadala Harrys, Dow's lake $20 Gift Voucher
16 Rinag $50 Gift voucher
17 NASA Food $25 Gift voucher
18 Rideau Carleton Raceway $30 Lunch/Sunday Brunch for 2 person
19 The Royal Oak $20 Gift voucher
20 Mr Mozzerella $23 Gift voucher for a Large 3 Toppinig Pizza
21 Swiss Chalet $20 Gift voucher for Dinner for 2
22 Sitar Restaurent $26 Gift voucher for Buffet for 2
23 Perogies Take-Out $20 Gift voucher 
24 Smart Style $30 Gift Basket 
25 Loblaws $25 Gift Voucher
26 Walmart $50 Gift Voucher
27 La Siembra Co-Operative Inc 187 Donation appreciated (200 ml *2 for $1)

Multicultural Dance & Music Show Flyers

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Door-to-Door Food Drive 2012 Volunteers

List of Door-to-Door Food Drive Volunteers - 2012

If you have volunteered during the event and your name is not listed here or is incorrect, please send email to Kalidas Subedi. 

Name Area
Aagaman Bhattarai South Keys
Abha Ranjitkar South Keys
Abha Sharma Barrhaven
Abhisek Paudel Centrepointe
Abiral Shrestha South Keys
Aditya Paudel Centrepointe
Agrima Shrestha Heron
Ajaswi Regmi Britannia/Carling
Ajoy Bista Barrhaven
Akrist Dongol South Keys
Amiti Bista Barrhaven
Anil Paudyal Centrepointe
Anita Shrestha South Keys
Anjana Ranjitkar South Keys
Anup Ghimire Britannia/Carling
Anup Pradhanang Woodfield
Anuksha Neupane South Keys
Aparajita Ghimire Britannia/Carling
Archana Agarwal Barrhaven
Archana Dhakal Kochar
Aroha Upreti Orleans
Arya Upreti Kochar
Ashna Sharma Barrhaven
Ashim Shivakoti  Kochar 
Ashim Shrestha Heron
Ashutosh Upreti Orleans
Ashwini Regmi Britannia/Carling
Aspad Bhattarai Britannia/Carling
Atmaram Dongol South Keys
Avni Bista Barrhaven
Ayushi Regmi Britannia/Carling
Babita Baral Britannia/Carling
Babita Sharma Greenbank
Baburam Sedai Orleans
Baikuntha Poudel Greenbank
Balaram Chapai Greenbank
Bardaan Gurung Barrhaven
Bharat Shrestha Barrhaven
Bhim Adhikari Orleans
Bholanath Baral Britannia/Carling
Bibhisha Baral Britannia/Carling
Bibhuti Baral Britannia/Carling
Biplav Chapagain Greenbank
Bishwa Adhikari Centrepointe
Bishwa Regmi Britannia/Carling
Britika Aryal Greenbank
Chiju Gautam Kochar
Deepa Gautam Britannia/Carling
Deepak Raj Regmi Britannia/Carling
Devaki Aryal Greenbank
Ganesh Bhandari Barrhaven
Gayatra Baral Barrhaven
Gayatri Dahal Barrhaven
Geeta Dhakal Orleans
Ghanashyam Ranjitkar South Keys
Gita Regmi Britannia/Carling
Gopal Sherchan Centrepointe
Govinda Dahal Barrhaven
Grishma Dahal Barrhaven
Hari Neupane Britannia/Carling
Harishchandra Ghimire Britannia/Carling
Janaki Pandit Greenbank
Kabita Moktan Centrepointe
Kalidas Subedi Barrhaven
Kalpana Shrestha Barrhaven
Kanchan Gautam Centrepointe
Kanchan Shrestha Barrhaven
Kiran Shrestha Barrhaven
Krishir Neupane Britannia/Carling
Krishna Acharya South Keys
Krishna Hari Gautam Kochar
Kunjan Ghimire Woodfield
Kushal Poudel Greenbank
Kusum Sharma Greenbank
Laxmi Karki Britannia/Carling
Leela Khatiwada Barrhaven
Leeza Sharma Woodfield
Lilabati Neupane Britannia/Carling
Madhav Rawat South Keys
Mala Pokharel Bayshore
Mamata Acharya Barrhaven
Manju Bhattarai Orleans
Manvi Bista Barrhaven
Meena Chowdhary Barrhaven
Nabin Kunwar Barrhaven
Naveen Chowdhary Barrhaven
Nawaraj Subedi Britannia/Carling
Nirmal Adhikari Greenbank
Pawan Agrawal Barrhaven
Prabhav Poudyal Orleans
Prajual Karki Britannia/Carling
Prakhar Adhikary Barrhaven
Prakriti Kharel Orleans
Pralakshya Karki Britannia/Carling
Pramod Kaushik Barrhaven
Pranaya Kaushik Barrhaven
Pranita Gautam Britannia/Carling
Pranjali Adhikari  
Prashanta Dhakal Kochar
Prayush Sharma Barrhaven
Rajendra Gurung Barrhaven
Rajeev Nepal Bayshore
Rama Sedai Orleans
Ramesh Baniya South Keys
Ratna Sharma Barrhaven
Rekha Kunwar Barrhaven
Reshma Dahal Barrhaven
Revati Raman Paudel Centrepointe
Rishav Chowdhary Barrhaven
Rishi Gautam Britannia/Carling
Riya Chowdhary Barrhaven
Rosesh Baniya South Keys
Roshan Moktan Centrepointe
Rubina Moktan Centrepointe
Rupsi Kaushik Barrhaven
Sadima Shrestha Heron
Sagan Joshi Billings
Sagun Sedai Orleans
Sakriya Ranjitkar South Keys
Samrat Rawat South Keys
Sanskar Baral Britannia/Carling
Sangita Rawat South Keys
Santosh Baral Britannia/Carling
Saphu Joshi Billings
Sarita Baniya South Keys
Sashwat Adhikari Orleans
Satsang Adhikari Greenbank
Saugat Ghimire Barrhaven
Sawadee Adhikari Orleans
Shashwat Adhikari Orleans
Shevak Ram Bhandary Barrhaven
Shiva Ghimire Barrhaven
Shipa Neupane Britannia/Carling
Shital Gautam  Kochar 
Shovan Ranjitkar South Keys
Shovita Ghimire Britannia/Carling
Simant Baral Barrhaven
Sirjana Upreti Orleans
Sita Acharya Barrhaven
Sita Adhikari Centrepointe
Sita Sharma Greenbank
Soham Poudyal Orleans
Solma Shrestha Joshi Billings
Sony Subedi Barrhaven
Subhechchha Subedi Britannia/Carling
Subir Thapa Gloucester
Suchita Baral Britannia/Carling
Sudeep Acharya Barrhaven
Sudeep Bhattarai Beacon Hill South
Sudhir Thapa Gloucester
Sunil Acharya Barrhaven
Sunita Gautam Kochar
Sunita Khanal Kochar
Sunita Thapa Gloucester
Suren Upreti Orleans
Susan Kharel Orleans
Sushant Neupane Woodfield
Susma Dhakal Kochar 
Suyog Khatri Barrhaven
Swagat Ghimire Barrhaven
Swapnil Bhalla South Keys
Sweta Pradhanang Woodfield
Tamendra Thapa Orleans
Tanushree Kunwar Barrhaven
Tanya Kunwar Barrhaven
Tara Karki (Bhattarai) Britannia/Carling
Tara Regmi Britannia/Carling
Tara Upreti Orleans
Tatwa Gurung Barrhaven
Terik Ibrahim South Keys
Toya Baral Barrhaven
Ujeli Pudasaini Greenbank
Usha Sherchan Centrepointe
Uttam Neupane South Keys
Yash Bhandari Barrhaven
Yasodha Gurung Barrhaven
Yogendra Bhattarai Britannia/Carling

List of Performers

banner multicultural 02


el salvador pulga 250px 188px 

El Salvador Folklore

El Pulgarcito de America means "the little thumb of America". It represents the smallest country in the Americas, El Salvador. It was born out of the humble desire to promote and showcase our Folkloric dances and music. It was formed two years ago. Our main focus is to encourage the younger generations to continue tradition and for the older to reminisce on their childhood memories. We have participated in Latinoamerican and Canadian cultural, civic, and fundraising events.

 Italian Canadian Dance Ensemble 250px 188px 02

Italian-Canadian Dance Ensemble (Core Meo)

Core Meo is a group of 9 young Italians from the Italian-Canadian Youth Formation Center. Thanks to their shared love for Italian music, art, cooking, and scenery, they joined in 2010 with the hopes of reviving Italian folk dancing.

The group’s routines include a slightly modern twist to traditional moves that were once danced in times of celebration. The group’s name Core Meo is Italian for 'My Heart', and it was chosen because the hearts of these young Italians belongs to Italy.

 laughter yoga 250px 167px

Laughter Yoga

Rita and Samy Czarny are co-mediators and certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, leading together Laughter Yoga sessions in the workplace, for fundraising events, conferences, interest groups, community events, and social affairs. They give workshops and inspirational talks.

Laughter Yoga is a powerful and new approach in body-mind exercise which enhances your health and happiness. Laughter Yoga acts as a social magnet while promoting tolerance and peace. You will be surprised how easy it is to do, how liberating it feels, and how quickly your life can improve while you are having fun.

 nepali geeta dhakal etal 250px 188px

geeta dhakal susan kharel 240px 180px

Nepali Folk Dances

Title: Ghini Ghini Ghintang

Performers: Geeta Dhakal, Prakriti Kharel, Srijana Upreti, Shrishti Kharel and Susan Kharel

'Ghini ghini ghinting' is a modern song that is very popular in Nepal right now. This song talks about a guy who is very enthusiastic into music and articulates his stand by playing a Madal (drum). He mainly direct into the Nepali drum called madal and talks the satisfaction he gets from each beat of the drum he plays.


Title: Jata Maya Chha Utai Ramailo

Performers: Geeta Dhakal and Susan Kharel

'Jata maya chha utai ramailo' is a song about a young girl who is very dynamic and active. The song talks about a love triangle. A girl in a song falls in love with a young gentleman but can not state her feeling directly, instead she puts into a song and dances.

 grace  reshma 250px 188px

Title: Pauju Ko Chham Chham

Performers:  Grace Castrence and Reshma Dahal

The central theme of the dance is love, and revolves around a girl and a boy who fall in love. The boy admires her anklet and bangles and talks to her lovingly, hoping that she will fall in love with him, which she later does.
 Ottawa Chinese Art Centre 250px 187px

Ottawa Chinese Arts Troupe

Ottawa Chinese Arts Troupe (OCAT) was established in November of 1998 to promote Chinese folk arts to the Canadian multicultural society through their Chinese folk dance, choir and band. OCAT is now the largest arts organization in the Ottawa Chinese community.


The history of Chinese arts goes back to 4000 years. China is also a country of many different nationalities. Each has its own history, language and tradition, and maintains its own distinct customs. This leads to great diversity in terms of style and costumes when performing dance and music.

OCAT performance can be characterized as of grace, color and virtuosity, and we are proud of our efforts in striving for art excellence.

 ottawa natak company 250px 188px

Ottawa Natak Company

Performers: Geeta Thapa, Kunjan Ghimire, Leeza Sharma and Smita Pudasaini

 sancosa african drumming 250px 188px

Sancosa African Dance and Drumming Band

A group of people from a diverse background and culture came together to celebrate the joy of Ghanaian music. The Sancosa band performs traditional pieces from Ghana. Although there are several different ethnic groups/regions they draw their music from, essentially they are all Ghanaian. Come and experience the thrill of African drum bits and joy of various dance moves. Please don’t be shy .. so let us dance together and celebrate another year of successful food drive and multicultural show.

 silk road dance of flower 250px 188px

Silk Road Art Studio

The SilkRoad Art Studio is a dance performing group, as a part of Canada China Art Association which is a not-for-profit organization. We focused on cultural exchange and performing all kinds of Chinese Ethnic groups dances. We organized and participated performing shows at various cultural events  at National Arts Centre, Counterpointe Theatre, Ottawa Tulips Festival, Ottawa Lumiere Festival, Les Grands Feux du Casino du Lac-Leamy, and University of Ottawa etc. We believe that the appreciation of the different cultures will contribute to the multicultural society of Canada.

 venezuelan folklore 250px 188px

Venezuelan Folklore Dance Group "Churun Meru"

The Venezuelan Folklore Dance Group “Churun Meru” was formed in 1993 to promote Venezuelan Cultural traditions in dancing, music, and national customs. This dance group is made of children, teen and adult dancers from not only Venezuela, but also from Rumania, Nicaragua, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and Canada. 


“Churun Meru” entertains audiences with their delightful dances, powerful and impressive interpretations, colorful costumes and upbeat folkloric rhythms.

 viva mexico 2012 250px 188px

Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico represents colourful rain, exquisite flavours, textures and sounds… The scent of wet soil, the scent of Tequila just removed from the blue agave…A place of men and women who work hard… A place of history, culture and human warmth that expresses the deepest feeling of being Mexican!

Their promise to you is that in every performance their dancers will share their enthusiasm and efforts and in return ask from you to show them your support by always singing and yelling ... VIVA MEXICO!!!


Their objective is to represent their beautiful country by teaching kids a deep love for their homeland and their Mexican culture. Viva Mexico has tried to win the love of the public with its music, its rhythm and the colourful movements made by children of different ages and backgrounds living in Canada. In a special way, they want to spread their joy and share with other nations their folklore, their music and their culture.


Zuleyka Erazo, Viva Mexico’s Artistic Director has over 20 years of experience dancing the beautiful Mexican folklore and has also 6 years experience teaching in Canada.



daytime lois derick Lois Lee and Derick Fage